When putting a lot of effort and hard work into your site one would always expect better results in business. From a very personal view, a website should be something that would help clients to reach their goals. However, in this blog, I wanted to create a very generalized blog in which anyone with a basic idea can utilize it irrespective of whoever the company has hired. I hope my blog helps you to understand the role of web designing in web development.

Web development and the web design process usually have different steps. Starting with gathering information for the creation of the site and also keeping the site updated.

Although the process will actually vary from designer to designer, the basics are actually the same that is :

Stage 1:

The first step in designing a website is that it provides information about the company and also about the goals and other ways to achieve it. In creating a website. The web page design service offers certain services like purpose, goals, target audience, and content.

  • Purpose: The website should offer information and mainly speak more about the products and services it is representing.
  • Goals: For a business purpose the designers should keep in mind about aiming for better results for which the websites need a common goal.
  • Target audience: The website should be divided into two groups the established audience and the potential audience.
  • Content: It is most important to target the audience and even find specific information on it.

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Stage 2:

When all the information is taken from stage 1 one must plan to take it to the next step where the sitemap is created. A sitemap is designed in a way that it keeps all the information and the topics with subtopics presented on the site. In fact, with the help of a sitemap, it is easy to process and understand the navigational system. The most important factor is that customers should be kept in mind while designing. In fact, people would also learn about the products and your services in the long run.

Stage 3:

The design is the foremost thing that grabs the attention of the customers. People while viewing the website must feel it. However, it deeply depends on the target audience if the site is aimed at teenagers it would look very different from a business website.

If the website is about designing a business website then the web designers must keep in mind the factors like the company’s logo design, a color so that it strengthens the reputation of the company in the long run. The web designers also create prototype designs and give a final design to the site.

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There are times when seeing mock-ups for your website and the designers also give the customers access to the site’s progress. From the start of creating a website to giving it a final touch, web designing plays an important role. The website also gives an opportunity to mainly express the likes and the dislikes of the customers.

Stage 4:

The development is a high state where the website is actually created. The very stage when the web designer would actually give graphic designs to the website and make it a more functional site. It is done by creating the home page where the designers would take look at the structural site in the appropriate areas.

The need for web developers ensures that the website is created with additional changes and corrections done on the website. Elements such as CMS like WordPress, contact form and lots more important factors are present in the website.

Stage 5:

A good and experienced web designer would always go for testing and other functionalities in web designing. The designers would also check that all the codes written for the website are valid or not.


Web designing is one of the most important tasks in web development as through the look of the website one can judge the company and the services it produces.

Jignesh Vagasiya

Jignesh Vaghasiya is CEO at Universal Stream Solution LLC. USS LLC provides the best Mobile App Development and Web Development Service.