In this modern era of technology, On-demand technology has become an inseparable part of our lives. Like if you don’t have enough ice-cream for your party, you can order it online and can get it delivered to your doorstep within a few hours. Like if you are in a hurry for your meeting, you can hire a cab immediately. In the same way, when you don’t have time to wash your clothes, a commercial laundry mobile app solution is an ideal option for you.

Nowadays, when people are busy with their hectic schedules On-demand laundry service has become really very popular, so people can focus on other delicate works and can save their time. There the industry of the On-demand iOS app solution is increasing at a higher rate for all the businesses including laundry services. According to statistics, it is estimated that the laundry businesses will earn approximately 7660 Million US dollars by 2022.

What Happened to Washio?

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Washio has been launched in the US in 2013. Investors had invested $17 million to date. The company makes its growth in 7 cities over that period of time span in the US. But the lower growth and the high competition of the market make it difficult to survive in the market.

Why Washio’s On-demand Laundry Service Has Been Washed up?

Until August 2016, Washio’s is the main contender in the laundry market. However, the company has time-bound pick-ups and deliveries as well as specialized in 24 hours of workflow. And not just that the charges were also worthwhile.

If you are planning to have your own business in the same field then you should hire demand laundry app development services because now it has become essential to be on the internet to survive in this competitive world. Still, the field is quite risky. But if you take lessons from Washio’s failure you earn huge because these days, everyone wants to have laundry services. So, have a look at the reasons behind its failure.

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The Competition Was Intense

At that time, the on-demand services were high in demand like today. Washio was not only the player in the laundry industry, therefore, but the company also has to make a strategy that can make it stay unique and ahead of its competitors.

The company has been attacked by all its competitors. Therefore the company is no longer to survive in a highly competitive world because it is not able to offer different services from others.

Faster is Not Always Great

The company has made big promises in its initial stage which goes wrong. When it launches, the company promises faster pickup within a day and in 2015, the company makes new promises to pick-up clothes within the hour you demand and to deliver clean clothes within 24 hours. Faster cleaning requires a higher cost while having thin margins. This is what does not allow the company to survive in the market. The industry at its initial stage should not promise such instant gratification to run longer time.

The Slow Growth of The Company

Similar to all kinds of on-demand services, the industry is also liable to all the unpredictable laws, therefore the industry is a little risky. However, resources are really very important in such businesses but growth is also important.

The companies need to adapt quickly and scaling appropriately while having great growth in the field. Slow growth can make you left behind to a lot of day by day emerging companies in the same field.

However, we can’t deny the fact the Washio has developed fast. The company has been established in 7 cities within 3 years but it is not quick enough that is required in on-demand industries.

Washio’s Employees Were Satisfied

The company does differentiation between their employees. The young, agile, and smart delivery boys will get a lot of advantages while the individual who does the dirty work will make you behind the cleaning services. And this is certainly one of the biggest reasons why the company fails because such working culture should not be endorsed by the companies.

They Did Not Spend Time to Understand The Market Needs

To survive in the industry, one has to understand the needs and requirements of the people. Analyzing the needs of the people is more important than any of other things.

Ensure That You Offer The Best Customer Experience To Your Customers

These days, people have a lot of options in every field, therefore, a little mistake of you can ruin your business investment. So, be careful. The biggest reason for the failure of any business is bad customer service.

If a business can offer excellent customer services, it makes it able to have satisfied customers, therefore, higher revenue, and the company will stay in the market for a longer period of time. It is recommended you hire customized laundry app development services to get connected with your customers.

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These days, it is very important to stay connected with your customers and to keep them engaged. If you are not able to retain your past customers and just trying to find potential customers, it would not enhance your business revenue at any cost. You have to care for both of your potential customers and past customers to make your business grow at a faster rate and to survive in this highly competitive world.

The experience is on everything from your app experience to order to delivery of the clean clothes. You have to make extra efforts to have highly satisfied customers as compare to others.

What is The Cost of Developing a Customized Laundry Application?

So, if you are ready to open an on-demand laundry business, then it is time to hire Demand Laundry app development services. Depending upon the region, quality, and country, the laundry App Development Cost can vary.

But the cost is worth it if you are considering having a successful laundry business in the market. Ask professionals to integrate the advanced features to your application that enables you to offer a great user experience to your customers. Therefore you can stay ahead of all your competitors.


You can learn lessons by seeing the reasons for the failure of the Washio. However, the industry is a little risky but if you put in higher efforts, you will get great revenue as well. These lessons will help you a lot in surviving in this industry.

Jignesh Vagasiya

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