Mobile apps have taken over the world by storm, with apps to perform almost any kind of task. This mobile technology has simplified life’s practices. No more long queues deposits or withdraw your cash in and out of banks. Online shopping apps have made it easier to access our daily purchases with a simple tap.


These are just a few benefits of mobile apps. Trends are now developing up fast thanks to these technologies. Here are some mobile app trends that you should expect in 2019.

Soaring Blockchain Technology

This technology was launched several years back but became popular about a year ago.

There was a big fuss surrounding the technology in 2018. When it comes to assets the Blockchain technology has seen financial institutions and investors reaping big. By 2024, the Blockchain technology market will set supposed to hit a whopping $20 according to financial experts. This trend isn’t going anywhere soon and we should embrace it as a means to decentralize currency


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

This is hardly a new concept. Artificial intelligence is used all over the world to assist us with our daily tasks. AI’s market is going to reach $40 billion by the year 2020. This is according to International Data Corporation.


This means that many companies will try as much as possible to integrate AI into their systems. Some of the sectors that are already using this tech include the medical and manufacturing industries for efficiency purposes. Artificial intelligence is very accurate and culture events in real-time.

On-Demand Apps

More companies are expected to invest in on-demand apps. As much as there are nut on-demand apps, this number continues to grow rapidly. Thanks to on-demand apps, a cab company like Uber has scored big. These apps make life more life convenient and fast. Taxify also uses these apps. Revenue generated from on-demand apps reached $106.83 million by 2017.

Integration of Wearable Apps

Another trend in 2019, wearable apps, used in the medical sector to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels. These apps are used in our daily lives to impress our health. Besides the medical field, various companies are incorporating this software to enhance the style and fashion of individuals.

Smartwatches, for example, are trending as wearable apps to tell time and make phone calls. This is one concept that app developers should focus on when developing mobile apps. Companies are now building apps to cater to these users.

Chatbots App Development

Chatbots App Solution

This concept has already taken over various communication elements in the mobile app development world. The need for real-time interaction and customer support is what has triggered this trend. This relatively requires the help of humans to make them work effectively.

Top companies are now investing a lot in this technology since it’s automated and is used to improve customer experience by providing answers to technology-related questions.

Customer engagement is one of the things that makes a company profitable. Many apps are abandoned after some time and that is why we need chatbots to help us.

Internet of Things

You will realize that IoT here to stay if you look around. A majority of Internet industries are already using it. The education sector for example and e-commerce have both capitalized on it to reach many people at once. This is due to its ability to interlink various aspects of the organization. A lot of entities enjoy faster and convenient access to data.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Without AR and VR technology this wouldn’t bad a complete list. It is another technology that has been incorporated with apps to give the user great entertainment. They also make communication more exciting and interactive. Entertainment companies are going beyond the screen. The AR market is predicted to reach $209 billion in 2022 by Statista.

Introduction of Instant Apps

What makes apps popular is their memory efficiency and user-friendliness. These apps have become favorites to many users. Things are pushing up for apps and many people are running towards them for technological answers. One thing that makes them unique is that you don’t need to install them to enjoy their services.

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Examples of these apps include BuzzFeed and Onefootball. These apps also increase the user base. If you want services from an app but don’t have enough space instant apps are the way to go.

Mobile Payment Services

One of the most important aspects of apps that has penetrated various industries is the use of financial apps to make payments, save money, or sending and receiving money. Money is very important to all of us and having an up that can help us save and manage it is great. E-commerce stores are what are triggering the sharp increase of payment apps people need to access money at their convenience and that is what financial apps are all about. No more long queues at banks. trying to access your funds.

More Cloud Storage Platforms

With a sharp increase in mobile apps, a challenge comes when trying to store data generated by these apps. The creation of cloud storage has relieved us of these concerns. Since cloud storage does not require physical storage, it allows businesses to accumulate more data in their business. Security is beefed up on cloud storage making them reliable and safe to users.



As you have seen, mobile apps are the future and they keep on getting better. With apps for doing almost everything, we can only wish that they don’t make us dependent on them. As much as we love them and they help us get things done fast and easy, we should not forget to exercise to stay healthy. Just because your groceries are delivered to your doorstep, it doesn’t mean you don’t go out for a walk or a jog. They should not be the reason they for us getting sick and start finding another app for reminding us of how to stay away from apps!

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