Prescription drug discount cards are downloadable discount cards or coupons that, when active, entitle the user to discounts on certain generic and name brand prescription drugs. The trend of mobile apps for all kinds of services has now even extended to spheres like healthcare with apps for making doctor appointments and accessing other medical and pharmacy medicine delivery tracking app services.

Medicines can be ordered online through websites and apps and there is no need to stand in long queues at the pharmacy stores. You can just upload a picture of your prescription using your smartphone camera and get all medicines delivered right to your home.

Prescription drug prices have risen nearly six times since 2017, leaving some with the difficult choice to stop taking medicine or choose between medicine and other necessities.

Drug discount cards can give you a huge relief and now with prescription discount apps, it’s even easier than ever to find the discount deals you need for any medication. Prescription drug discounts can really add up, especially if you’re uninsured or underinsured. Just check out these five tips for finding the right prescription drug discount apps.

You can get your medicines while sitting on your couch, these apps also offer great discounts and other incentives like free shipping. Get reminders as per your medical needs and can access a vast range of information on prescription drugs and medicines.

Following Are Some of The Best Prescription Apps

Rx Valet: Online Pharmacy & Prescription Discount Card

A discount prescription drug program Rx Valet offers a discounted price on both generic and branded drugs. It provides consumers with two savings options. In the first option, you can purchase prescription medications via the Rx Valet website or app and pick them up at any retail pharmacy in the US. The consumer purchases the drug via a credit card after choosing the prescribed medication.

Once the payment is done the consumer is provided a digital Rx Valet benefit card that is active with an Rx Bin and Member ID. All transactions are tracked via the member ID and also all members of a specific plan are identified by a member ID. Rx Valet Card is accepted at 98% of US pharmacies. The second savings option is to utilize our Home Delivery Program. The initial purchase is just like the retail option however the consumer picks the Home delivery.

This option is primarily for chronic medications consisting of a 90-day supply. The purchase will be tracked by the member’s ID. Advanced Pharmacy is Pharmacy Partner of Rx Vale. Advanced Pharmacy obtains all needed prescriptions and mails the prescription directly to the consumer’s home at no charge.

The consumer will pay only for the purchase. Rx Valet also provides features like medication reminders and deeply discounted diabetic testing supplies. Rx Valet helps consumers save on prescription drugs even if they have a prescription benefit.

Application: iOS App and Android App

Practo  –   Doctors and Medicines

Practo is one of the best and trusted names for doctor appointment bookings and reviews. The company has recently launched its online medicine app. Over 40,000 medicines can be ordered using the app.

Practo has also tied up with local drug stores and pharmacies to help you and deliver prescription medicines at your doorstep well on time.

You can upload prescriptions using the phone camera and then it auto refills the medicines conveniently. This app also remembers your past orders and makes them ready when you need them. You can upload your prescription using the phone camera and then it auto refills the medicines conveniently. This app also remembers your past orders and makes them ready when you need them.

Application: iOS App and Android App

GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions

GoodRx is another very good prescription drug app that helps make comparing drug prices at various pharmacies easy. The app claims to be able to save users 80 percent on prescription drug costs by cash and sales prices, along with coupons and savings. There’s nothing to print as savings are right there on your mobile device.

The app consists of 1 million prices for more than 6,000 drugs at all major U.S. retailers. It cannot only be used for medicines of all age groups but also your pets. Current customers have reported savings of many dollars.

GoodRx Gold is a paid version of the GoodRx service and costs $9.99 a month. It provides exclusive access to many more discounts on prescriptions and healthcare services for up to six family members. With more than 1,000 prescriptions less than $10, users can save up to 90 percent.

ApplicationiOS App and Android App

Onex Rx Savings Tool

Alex claims itself as the only prescription savings app that lets you input your insurance info securely to see co-pays along with discount card savings, patient assistance program (PAP) information, and manufacturer coupons across all FDA-approved medications.

Alex is completely free and you can use OneRx for your family members, friends, and pets. You don’t have to create an account to avail yourself of the services. Alex makes it easy to get your best price without paying for scripts again and again.

You just have added your insurance information to the OneRx app to find hidden coupons, see insurance restrictions, and compare your co-pay to discounted prices and you can avail most out of your pharmacy insurance benefits.

ApplicationiOS App and Android App

ScriptSave WellRx Rx Discounts

ScriptSave® WellRx saves on prescription medications and offers lower prices as compare to pharmacies near you.

You can access a dynamic price comparison tool for your Android device by downloading the free ScriptSaveWellRx app. It allows you to review the cost of all your prescription medications at local pharmacies just by entering a drug name and a zip code to compare prices. You can search for the best discount at pharmacies near you or near any location. It’s free and no limits on usage too.

ScriptSaveWellRx saves on prescription medications at more than 65,000 pharmacies. It provides prescription medication savings for every member of the household and even pets. WellRx provides free access to its Pharmacist’ service for medication-related questions.

ScriptSaveWellRx app has a medication price checker to help locate the best price in your area or the price at your preferred pharmacy. It also has a virtual medicine chest to store, manage and instantly price your medications.

It provides drug interaction warnings to alert you to the adverse interactions with saved medications. It also sends pill and refills notifications to remind you to take your medications and renew your prescriptions in time.

Application:  iOS App and Android App

Digitalization has empowered how businesses are done and the medical sector is no different. Prescription apps have made it easy for businesses to cater to the needs of customers. At the same time, the customers enjoy the ease they get with any app.

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