When your visitors are engaged, staying longer on the pages, and occasionally revisiting, is when your Website becomes highly effective. To this competition, how does your Website stand up?

Tips on How a Website Should Be Designed To Attract Customers?


Without even leaving the house, isn’t it just amazing how easy it is to buy things? Online shopping has become more of a norm than a novelty, from groceries to jewelry to household items and clothes. You will have to create an effective online store, one with great web design, to capture your share of this trend. In order to outperform the thousands of e-commerce stores sharing your target audience, in order to capture your share of this trend.

One of the most important tasks to creating a great web design mainly includes the focus on a good user experience with the rise of online shopping.

So, What Do You Think Creates a Unique User Experience?

The UX and the UI in the world of web design are two separate but equally important concepts that are consistent with the user experience.


Remembering that UI is tangible is the best way to separate these two components. As they are navigating with your web store, this is what the user interacts with. The way a user will be using your site is how it dictates.


It is more encompassing when it comes to the UX. It can create a complete user experience as it is everything in your Website. As they are using your UI, UX is what the users feel.

To attract customers and keep them coming back to shop at your online store, UI and UX can work together.

How to Make a Great First Impression?

On your Website, the homepage is the most vital page. When the users are directed to your site, it may not be the first page they would be landing on, but your e-commerce page will generally be judged by your homepage. Visitors will think the same about your business if the UX of your site is cluttered and unprofessional.

The following are the things you can bet on:

  • Bounce rates will be increased with a bad website design, and also, conversions will decrease.
  • The typically lasting impressions are what the first impressions are.
  • You can avoid several issues starting with great e-commerce design software.
  • The first impression of your customer should be a great one, and this is something that is quite important to ensure.

So, Which Is The Best Way To Create a Great Web Design?

The following are the 11 design tips that will oomph up your Website:

1. Compelling Content

Compelling and engaging content is one of the vital aspects of a good homepage design. Make it convenient for your customers to understand your brand, including who you are, what they can get from your site, and who you are as you need to speak your target market’s language. Selecting the right company logo and the tagline is simply great as your branding content will be affecting your success for the years to come.

Less is more when it comes to the text of the homepage is the thing you need to pay attention to. Having too much content can actually dampen your conversion rate since your goal is to hook the user into engaging with your store.

2. Simple Design Sells

You need to make sure that your homepage is clean and crisp, and this is a part of having a great web design. Make sure to leave a positive impression on your visitors as you are opting for a simple and interesting layout. Properly align the content and make use of simple typography when you are designing your homepage. This will focus more on important points, ones that lead to sales, as this will help the users to avoid distractions.

3. Ready For Mobile Sales

On the different screens, have you ever looked at your Website? How will it be looking? Will it offer a similar experience and a smoother e-commerce performance? It will be performing well on any type of device when your Website has a responsive design. Year after year, mobile browsing continues to increase rapidly. As your page is not compatible with the latest and greatest mobile devices, you need not have to lose your sales.

4. Don’t Be Too ‘Sales’

An overeager sale is often not appreciated by most shoppers. It can seem unprofessional and untrustworthy if your homepage is cluttered with a variety of different sales pitches.

If anything seems suspicious or makes your friend feel like they are reading spam can be determined when they go through the Website. By taking all feedback and the use of the clear state of your offerings in a professional way, you need to develop some great web design. You can maintain a respectable brand reputation with the help of this.

5. Use Effective Call-to-Action Buttons

In order to boost click-through rates and also increase conversions, you need to place the call-to-action buttons in strategic places. These call-to-action buttons can assist in site navigation and also help in creating a great web design when they are placed properly on your homepage. Figuring out the best placement for these important links is something that is worth investing in.

You need to use the A/B testing and make adjustments in call-to-action placement that are based on the data that it offers in doing so. The conversion rates will also be impacted by the smaller changes. Whether users are filling out contact forms or clicking links to additional information, call-to-action buttons need to be obvious and noticeable in order to encourage user participation.

6. Go For Simplicity

You will have only 50 milliseconds to impress the visitors of your Website. The visitors might get confused and scared, too, with a landing page that is crowded with several types of content, heavyweight galleries, and striking colors.

You need to go with minimalism, and the following are the suggestions here:

  • Using important design elements without any irrelevant widgets, banners, and other types of distractions is what you need to ensure.
  • Having a website structure that has simple navigation, easy and natural to flow.
  • Create a visual connection between different website elements when you keep your design uniform.
  • Have a mobile-friendly structure in your responsive Website.
  • Minimize the number of visions you will have to make.
  • Try to make it easier for them to navigate through your Website instead of offering a large number of actionable elements.
  • Even though you might think that a larger number of calls-to-actions will increase the likeliness of the visitor to click through as these may lead to opposite results as speaking practice.
  • They are more likely to follow the natural order of elements with the more intuitive your Website is with few decisions.

Limiting the number of choices that you will be making will be focusing on your main desired action and efficiently guiding them to it accordingly.

7. Provide Contact and Legal Information

It does not mean that you should not include them in your presentation, although these pieces of information should not have a central position on your Website. This will increase the trust and interest of your customers, making your brand seem more credible.

The following are the reasons why this type of information is incredibly important for smaller businesses:

  • When you sell an unusual service or product that is not easily available in the market
  • When you have your offers that are quite cheaper compared to your competition.
  • If you do not provide contact and legal information, potential customers might think that it is a scam and would give it up in these cases.
  • If your brand also has a physical store, you need not forget to offer the address as potential customers might be interested in looking at and testing your products besides all.

8. Use Live Chat for WordPress

One of the most important ways to attract potential customers is through a consistent, high-quality support system. You can show that you care about your customer’s experience by offering a system that allows them to get in touch with you in no time if you are adding live chat to WordPress.

The following are the features that Live Chat brings in:

  • It is owing to sales consultation, cross-selling, and upselling, the sales increase.
  • With your fast reactions and accurate responses, the loyalty of customers increases.
  • It is owing to direct communication and proactive support, detecting and resolving the pain points of the customers.
  • To create a live chat system that will help you to create even more profound relationships with visitors, ensure to feature the photo of your support agent.

9. Include Attractive Testimonials

72% of people online trust online reviews as much as they would be trusting closer people around them is something that you should know.

In order to buy the products more than other impressions of happy customers, nothing has a better impact on the determination of potential customers. It is the reason why you should always be including testimonials on your Website for business. You should be paying attention to the manner in which you are featuring them in order to create attractive and reliable testimonials.

The following are the things you should consider while creating testimonials for your site:

  • Do not publish testimonials as anonymous.
  • Use images of customers who are happy with your products.
  • Instead of publishing testimonials revealing products and services that are generic, publish the ones with specific values.

10. Don’t Experiment With Background Colors

If your Website also comes with a blog section or any extensive written content, then this is something that is extremely important. No matter whether you are using a single color or colorful patterns, striking backgrounds make it difficult for visitors to focus on your content, and this can be very annoying. It will be making them leave your presentation, and not only will it make the visitors lose focus faster.

Please provide them with a wisely selected theme that will be featuring a neutral background instead of testing the patience of your visitor. They are mainly based on a white color or extremely light, washed-out shades of grey, yellow, or green as some of the most common background choices will make the visit to your Website a pleasant experience.

Aim at the creation of a balanced contrast between different page elements instead of trying to make your Website seem attractive by selecting a striking background.

11. Follow the F-Shaped Pattern

The majority of visitors have a pretty similar way to read through the Website, as sworn by numerous website designers. Owing to the fact that they do not want to go through the complete content that you are providing, this can happen a lot.

They do not feel the need to commit to your Website and go through every word that you wrote so that they would try and speed up the consumption of the content, in other words.

It is the reason why they usually read them in an F-shaped pattern is what they normally do. They get the information from your Website page in two horizontal movements, and the final vertical movements are what it means here.

  • They start to read from the top left to the top right corner.
  • Then they move to the center of the page.
  • Finally, they scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

To ensure that they are paying attention to the main elements of your web page and to make sure that you get it built in a manner that will allow you to position these important elements in the top left corner is what inference we can derive through all.

Not only will you impress the users from the start but you will also keep them glued to your site.

Closing Thoughts

You should never overlook the role of your Website design when it comes to the ways in which you can attract customers to your business. It can dramatically affect your business outcomes as it can directly impact the likeliness of conversion, and it also shapes up the experience of your visitors.

A well-thought presentation will skyrocket your profits, while a poorly developed business website will make your visitors question the quality and the brand credibility of your product!

Dilip Tiwari

Dilip Tiwari is Digital Marketing Expert at USS LLC he likes to share Tips on Digital Marketing Services, Google ads management, Amazon ads management, and other blogs ideas.