All the restaurant owners have a hard task at hand. Maintaining quality and consistency of services and ensuring higher revenue at the same time. Even though it sounds easy, it isn’t really. And with the growing technology, people are coming out to help these owners. With software with all the features that can improve and even enhance the performance of the restaurateurs in every possible way.

10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

They make sure everything is handled, from kitchen order managementonline ordering, timely food delivery, or inventory management. They’re all taken care of by a few touches of a button. 

Various restaurant management software focuses on different aspects. The most essential ones are Billing, employee scheduling, order monitoring, payroll processing, analytics to name a few. 

The success of any restaurant depends on a lot of factors. The ambiance, quality of the food, and the service provided. And the sooner you start using this software, the easier it gets to manage and automate the processes and achieve success metrics. With the smaller bits taken care of, the owners can focus their energy on details which helps them ensure higher profits and revenues. 

FAQs : 

What is Cloud Restaurant POS?

Cloud computing is basically storing, accessing, and operating data online, instead of accessing from your computer’s hard disk. All your data is stored on a remote server and you can access it anytime from any web-enabled device. Similar to that, a cloud restaurant POS stores all the data online. So you don’t have to be worried about a system crash. 

From customer information, sales, and billing, everything is stored safely in the online server. You can even handle all the operations without even being physically present at your restaurant. 

Is Cloud Restaurant POS Expensive? 

To be honest, it is marginally cheaper than the traditional POS system. As data is stored on the cloud, you don’t have to worry about reinstallation when your system crashes, and there aren’t hardware installations and maintenance required in the first place. 

The cloud restaurant POS has no hidden charges and is upfront from the start. The costs vary depending on the subscription plans which you decide to take up. 

How is it Different From Traditional POS? 

Cloud computing is the future. You can integrate many different features into your POS easily, and you don’t need to have different services for different restaurants. Online payments, ordering, customer relationships, accounts, and analytics can all be found in one place. 

How do I Manage This if I’m Not Good With Tech? 

Cloud POS is extremely user friendly. You won’t need software training to handle this. Anyone with basic computing skills can manage this. And if you’re still worried, most of the companies provide 24/7 online support along with documentation and a webinar before you start. 

Whether you are running a big franchise or a small cafe, investment in technology is something we cannot ignore any longer. When you put so much into maintaining your restaurant, let’s help you with the few of the best restaurant management software you can get your hands on.

What’s the Difference Between Offline And Online Restaurant Software? 

It depends on what you need the software for. If data accessibility is important, keep in mind that offline software allows this only if you’re physically present in front of your computer. An online software helps you access this from anyplace and anytime.   

I Run a Small Business. Do I Still Need a Restaurant Software?

If you’re having trouble managing your central kitchen, or communication of orders, with the management staff or maintaining your stock levels, or even if you think food is being wasted, a restaurant management software is your solution. 

You can even purchase certain modules depending on your company requirements. Keep in mind that most of this software doesn’t always provide these features, but there will be a few. For example, you can purchase a module only to keep track of recipes and their ingredients. Or just to manage the raw materials. 

It’s the best answer to make your life easier. You won’t need a cash register or a separate system for your inventory management, and you will be able to focus on more pressing issues that cannot be automated. Thus growing your business faster and easier.  

Do I Rto Get a New Infrastructure to Use the Restaurant Software?

No, you don’t. Any computer device is enough whether it may be a tablet, mobile, laptop, or desktop computer. Good internet connectivity is important. This is the advantage that comes with cloud software, you don’t have to worry about the cost that comes with the maintenance or with the crash of your system. 

Top 10 Restaurant Management Softwares 


Foodie365cloud- 10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

This ready to use software for fine dining restaurants, take away and quick-service restaurants, bars, clubs, and disco is all set to serve customers and keep them satisfied and happy too. This software has multiple features such as accounting & taxation, kitchen control, and wait for list management to name a few. 

And with amazing customer support who are all ready to help you anytime, you’re stuck somewhere, it’s really helpful. Foodie365cloud has an innovative single order on multiple Kitchen order taking and Bar Order Taking.  

Koomi POS

Koomi- 10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

Koomi is a point of sale(POS) solution for quick-service and takeaway restaurants that bridge online and regular orders, by looking to take orders faster and manage their entire business from one dashboard Koomi makes transactions as easy as you can imagine. It’s also known to stop customer-loss during your rush and features fully-integrated ordering apps for delivery and takeaway. 

Streamline online and mobile ordering with a branded mobile app and a direct integration with delivery platforms like Uber Eats – makes it easy to manage physical orders online and also to boost revenue during hard and slow periods.

Kooi POR starts at $69.00 per month. They don’t have a free version, but they do have a free trial. With 24×7 online support, and live online training and complete documentation, this software is all you need. 

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS- 10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

Lightspeed Retail POS software is well known and is one of the industry-leading and easy to use cloud-based POS solutions for retailers. With simplified ways in which the customers are served and managed at all the store locations, it’s easy to manage and handle. It also keeps tabs on all your sales, it manages your employees and the process payments. 

And if you’re worried about the shopping experience your customers will have, worry no more, Lightspeed Retail creates an unforgettable shopping experience that your customers keep coming back to you. 

This structured, user-friendly software is easy to learn. You can get a software trial for 14 days, and once that’s done it starts at $99.00/Month. 


Tillpoint- 10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

Tillpoint is best known for businesses of any size, in the retail sectors, restaurants, and hospitality. This is your stop if you want to improve business operation and customer experience. 

It is also a multi-award-winning POS Business Management System, with the capability of running your entire operation within its walls. Its innovative modular design allows all of its users to easily manage all areas of its operation, including the POS, Inventory, Staff, and Accounting. 

Tillpoint currently has over 25 modules that allow you to run all areas of your business from a centralized, all-in-one solution. All of which are included in the subscription plans, resulting in a complete, centralized, and cost-effective solution.

Tillpoint starts at $99.00 per month. They offer a free 30-day software trial before this if you want to check it out. 

Floreant POS

Floreant POS- 10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

Floreant is so robust that it can run on a variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. And even simple computers such as Raspberry Pi. It is best known for table service and home delivery. It is also one of the first known enterprise-grade restaurant points of sale software systems released in the public domain.

The POS software has had stable growth in the last six years and according to statistics made by Google, it is the most used restaurant POS software. It is also very flexible, that it can be customized to suit business needs, which also enhances the system by adding plugins or by adding more features. 

They also provide 24/7 support, email/SMS marketing, and loyalty program support. It works on all the desktop platforms It starts at $50.00 as a one-time payment, per user. There are a free version and a free trial


PeachWorks- 10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

Best known for restaurants and food services of all sizes, PeachWorks is an all-in-one restaurant management platform that allows businesses of various sizes to manage their operations more efficiently. For smaller operators, they make inventory and labor management easy and straightforward. 

Being a leader in solutions for managing back-of-house restaurant operations, the platform is 100% compatible on the mobile and can be accessed by any device, and being cloud-based, it makes tasks easier, faster, and simpler for everyone using it. 

Due to this fact that turnover in the restaurant business is usually high, the platform has been designed to keep ease of learning in mind, allowing new employees to get started. The software trial isn’t provided, and to find the starting price you’ll have to contact the vendor. 

eZee BurrP

eZee BurrP- 10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

Featured in the “Best ease of use restaurant management software (2020)” and the “Best Value restaurant management Software (2020)”, this fully integrated system/software is suitable software for a restaurant to manage all the different types of orders, menus, shifts, tables, billings, payments and everything on all counts. 

This software has been specially designed to serve and assist the F&B industry, restaurant management expedites every operation of the restaurant and thus making restaurant management cakewalk for a restaurateur.

eZee Burrp is used by all types of Restaurants you can think of. From Bars to Fine Dining and from Fast Food Chains to Cafe and lounges. They take care of them all. 

eZee Burrp! starts at $575.00 as a one-time payment. They, unfortunately, they do not have a free version. eZee Burrp! offers a free trial for 14 days though, you can check that out first.


CrunchTime- 10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

CrunchTime is the back office solution for all types of restaurants. It’s made for multi-unit restaurant operators. With their back-office platform, you will finally be able to bring down all your food and beverage costs, drive labor efficiencies, and also allow your operators to manage the quality in a better way, and the consistency of their food service will also improve, not just in a single location, but over the entire franchise. 

A user can in fact see the real-time operation which is necessary to improve operation. They also aid restaurants in tracking food waste so they are better able to plan the quantity of food they offer. Integration with supplier/vendor systems makes it easier for restaurants to purchase items to keep their inventories healthy. 

This can improve business by using forecasting and planning. The other worthy features of this software are its inventory managementcloud, and the order management done by it. 

They also offer multi-currency and multi-language support. This means your branches in other regions can easily change their settings to suit their needs without changing vendors. Unfortunately, it does have a free trial. For the starting price, you need to contact the vendor. 


SynergySuite- 10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

SynergySuite is a software which is designed for restaurants with 5 or more locations. This helps restaurants and hospitality businesses run, expand, and grow their operations. SynergySuite gives multi-unit restaurants the insight and tools they need to manage the back office. 

They also have a cloud-based mobile platform that simplifies back-of-house management. If you use this software, you can save an average of 4-6% on food and labor costs. From tracking inventory and managing supply chains, to automating cash reconciliation, they are one of the best all-in-one back-office platforms.

They provide in-person, online, and webinar training. It’s cloud-based software, so it’s not software that can be installed into your laptop. 

The pricing starts at $75.00 per month. They, unfortunately, they do not have a free version, but they do offer a free demo. And also a 24/7 online and live support


Restaurant365- 10 Best Restaurant Management Softwares For Your Eating Outlet

This is a cloud-based all-inclusive accounting solution for restaurants of all sizes. Their key-features include accounting, inventory, budgeting, banking, and analytics.  

Their solution is such that it combines key restaurant modules with an integrated accounting backbone. Probably the best aspect of Restaurant 365 is that the accounting tool allows for custom periods. This helps in a way so that P & L statements can be easily compared to budgeted projections. This feature allows our managers to adjust to line-item expenses on a daily and weekly basis. 

Founded by an experienced team of software veterans committed to developing an accounting, back office, and reporting tool that scales and positions restaurant concepts for continuous growth. It starts at $159/Month, and they don’t offer a free trial. 

To sum it up, the world is slowly moving towards when technology and being smart can help your business more than anything you can imagine. If you haven’t taken the first step yet, now’s your time! 

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