Over the period, Google has made a useful contribution to the best OS that has been working in most of the smartphones these days. It has even left Apple OS to lag. Last year 81.7% of the smartphones sold were of Android. Thus the demand has been for an Android developer these days. If you want to be a part of it, then what are the basic requirements to be an android app developer?

How And Why There Is A Need To Become An Android App Developer

First of all, you need to understand the way applications are designed and built. Then only you can make your career in it. However, for that, you need to follow some steps to become an android developer. The best ways to become a developer in Android with global acceptance are defined by us below. These are all facts to be the best in the field.

To become an android developer, you must be sure that you can well familiar with the coding field. You must have a small experience in the development activity, and then only you must start with the android development activity. However, there are two more terms as cross-platform development and native development.

Let’s get started with our ways to be an android developer. But before that, you need to understand about an android developer and his tasks.

Who is a Developer of Android Applications?

Android applications are mainly developed, focusing on the demands of the public. These applications are to make the work easy for a user and meet their requirements. More than 80% of people rely on android applications to complete their daily tasks. These applications have helped us in our daily day-to-day activities. If someone says an Android application developer, we would recommend that these are the Software developers who are specialists in the development and design of applications in the Android marketplace.

The mobile applications developed by the Developers are enriching and necessary as per the modern economy. It has changed the businesses and their working with faster growth and development. The way businesses communicate and make it engaging to their customers has changed due to Android development.

What are the Responsibilities of an Expert Android Developer?

A developer must always be clear about his job and the burden of responsibilities that he has to take. Here below listed are the key points of roles and responsibilities of an android developer.

  • You must have the capabilities to build android apps.
  • An android app developer must know to work as a team with the designing and testing team. It will develop good compatibility and enhance teamwork.
  • You must be able to resolve bugs and errors that come in the way during implementation.
  • An android developer must know that he does not have to work with a single API and must be able to show compatible learning with different APIs.
  • Android brings new changes in less time. Thus, developers need to keep track of them and work with the latest ones.

Why Should You Prefer an Android App Development Job?

Android has become a leader in the global smartphone market. It has brought a serious job for a developer of android application to work and enhance its functioning with the new technology. One more advantage to go to the Android development side is an open-source platform to run an application compatible with various mobile phones.

Thus it has constructed a dynamic and enriching platform sharing different tips and tricks in the entire community of Android. Also, Google has built different tools that include Google Play Services, and they need an expert in Android for better authentication, location, and storage.


You can work on Android without any hesitation for open source. It is compatible with each device and thus reduced package licensing costs. Thus, you need less investment in this field with a great ROI. You can have direct interaction with the developers to solve away future cases.

Android is Evolving

Android applications have been through significant development and reputation on Google Play Store on each mobile phone. Google keeps itself updated with the new releases, and so it is essential to try new versions every time. Hence, get yourself updated regularly with the improved features for an application. Therefore, it has even become a challenging task in the development phase.

Easy Adoption

If you are into the face of software testing, then it is essential to master Java Programming and full-stack development. These are the basics of construction. You must be ready with the peer knowledge in Java.

Easy Learning

People in the field of development always say that the time they put into android enhancement is less than the demands of new technologies. You must master Java and many other scripting languages.

Android development has brought the right encouragement among people with better jobs and employment options of a high pay scale. There is a healthy growth in this field to launch a long-lasting career in it. If you have been searching for a top paid job in the development activity, then you must prefer android developer jobs.

What are the Hard And Soft Skills Required to be an Android Developer?

Hard Skills

Hard Skills here means the technical abilities of a person to bring proper development. For this, you will need knowledge of the android device, and it’s working. Here are listed hard skills required in android development:


Knowledge of basic SQL is essential in learning SQL for organizing the database with the apps. It helps to solve queries and retrieve the expected results.


Java is the most fundamental programming language for android development. You must be ensured with the Java concepts like basic loops, variables, lists, and control structure. For a software developer, Java is the most fundamental programming language that is even beyond the Android Platform.

Soft Skills

Suppose you are a good learner in technical skills, but what about presenting them? For that, you need soft skills. Your necessary soft skills include:


For an android developer, practice is a must for mastering development. If you are first in this field, then you will have to face a road of blocks. You will require a store of perseverance to overcome the frustrating time.


Teamwork is an essential skill to collaborate and work together. A developer cannot find all bugs and errors, and he must include a team for his help in designing, marketing, and management. It will help you create exceptional products.

Your Ability to Learn More and More

Knowledge is never-ending in fields like Android development. It is lifelong learning and development, especially in mobile apps development. However, one thing you must be clear about is to open up your ears and eyes to learn something new and to change. You may be a master in Android development, but you should not stop exploring and learn infinitely.

Here are the key points to help you become an android developer.

Find if Android Development is of Interest or not.

Are you a newcomer to this development job? If it is so, in the initial stage, you will have to work hard and spend most of your time in it. Before you step into it, you must be sure that you can handle it and spend most of your time on it. If you want to judge it to take its experience, then you must give it a go it. It will help you know more about the subject and find if you should proceed further or not.

For a new start, you can refer to some best online course lectures that are of the basic level stage to let you know if this subject is right for you or not. For detailed information, you can take guidance from the experts in android development. They can better explain to you everything.

Choose the Primary Platform.

For the learning process, you must be able to develop the application. For development, first, you need a platform. You need o work on plenty of devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. In all, Android is the dominating one in the modern mobile industry.

Try to work on the various platforms to have efficiency in the development activity. All are different from each other, but you must be sure to work on one and master it efficiently. But it is not essential to master in all fields. It is better to focus on only one out of all. Gradually, you will expand your learning in the same for app development.

Learn Java

It is not that small and easy step to learn Java programming. It needs a lot of time and efficiency to work on the same. However, without learning Java, you cannot develop applications. You must be efficiently working on the loops, lists, variables, and other control structures. Make it perfect and get great results. It is the basis for Android applications.

Make Sure You Have Everything Before Developing an Application

Make yourself familiar with the android application programming. Using API is a very basic and pre-made source code to provide good classes for enabling developers to write the code. You must be able to access the functionality of the applications for better implementation. It lets you publish data on a device and also enables Bluetooth camera function.

Create an Application

Now you have mastered the Java Programming language, and now it’s time to develop your android app. But you will not get results at one time. You feel frustrated with it, but once you overcome such problems, you will create the best android applications from that time.

Start with the basics, and employers will see your potential at work. They can provide you training on your tasks and help you master them. Thus, anything is better than nothing to start with. This sentence is even valid in businesses than having blank results.

Need Experience

It is not easy to start a new industry. You need to spend your valuable time on it. Show patience; otherwise, it will ruin your results. Hard work is another important key aspect of a successful career in building android applications and mastering this field. However, this will let you a good experience, which is every organization’s demand.

It is the next stage in the career to build up even fast. Go through different pieces of training, workshops, and placements to have relevant results and skills in the completion of projects. This helps to construct a strong CV.

A Good Job Description

Not for everyone’s requirements, but most of the requirements are important to study in the job description. An organization will look for an employee with better hard and soft skills in good android development. You will become a fast learner who can communicate and collaborate with others. It creates a real passion for android development.


Good communication and collaboration help in good network build-up with other people in the market. You can attend various events in the industry for effective networking with others who are seeking a career in the same field of Android development. When ideas of two people collaborate, then it becomes easy to understand and clear the concepts. So it becomes easy for you to come up with new opportunities.

New opportunities are all in your hands, nothing will come by itself. It’s better don’t waste your time and start learning from day one. Better to spend your maximum time in the development and learning for the new opportunities.

The Bottom Words

Presently, mobile apps are in good demand with exceptional development in them. And thus, it is the right time to make an attractive and incredible career in the field of android development. The workspace of an android developer is not less. It has a good space to work and to continue development in this.

It has helped me to experience design language. However, you must not start with the development of mobile apps straight. Follow all the initial steps first. Take your time and think of the project you will handle for the first time to work on android development.

Building a good network is also important for the best development phase in the android field. You must be sure about your deals and development.

Ridhi Pethani

Ridhi Pethani is Sr. Android Application Developer at USS LLC. She likes to share Android app development tips & tricks.