Technology has completely transformed our lives and has intervened in every sphere.  Not only it has helped us to be better but it has also changed our perspective to look at things. Online shopping was one of the initial gifts technology gave to us but today we would like to talk about the latest addition in this world of virtual shopping. Pharmaceuticals is the latest segment the technology has dwelled into, many people are now investing in online pharmacy web development as it has a lot of scope in years to come.

Pharmacy App development launching strategy

In a country like India where initially people were hesitant to buy medicines online have now shown confidence and are trusting this mode of buying their healthcare needs. This latest development has completely transformed the health care sector as online pharmacy provides better communication, transparency, and ease of buying between customers and the pharmacist. Such an online facility is a win-win situation for both parties as to the unrivaled costs and fewer operating expenses provide greater profit margins.

Also, such online business helps one in fulfilling their dream of being an entrepreneur with low operating cost but at the same time at the end of the day, it also gives the sense of satisfaction that you have been able to help someone especially those elderly and disabled people who are unable to walk to the store to procure the medicines they need.

Various online pharmacy app developers in India are working hard to make these apps more accessible, useful, and multi-functional. All those who are keen on having one of such apps must check EMedstore app prices as it is of the leading pharma application development company which has also received an international award for developing such customer-friendly pharma application.

Till now EMedstore has developed more than 200 pharma applications that are running successfully and seamlessly.

Revenue Other Countries Have Made So Far Via Online Pharmaceuticals:

  • Revenue in the US has already exceeded 1 trillion USD.
  • In terms of region, North America by far is generating most of the sales.
  • In China, the growth rate is commendable and is surpassing the revenue of all the previous years.
  • The US pharmaceuticals market by far is doing the best and holds almost 45% of the global market share.
  • By 2023, it is expected that the global pharmaceutical market will rise to 128 US billion dollars.

India is still behind in terms of sharing percentage in global revenue, however, these statistics are convincing enough to understand that opportunities in the online pharma market are huge especially for the flourishing and budding entrepreneurs. The only thing to focus on is to choose the right pharmacy app development company in India that can make the perfect app for your online pharmaceutical company.

Strategies To Launch Pharmacy App Without Any Hassle:

In this section, let us try to explore various strategies and tactics for medicine app delivery development that can help entrepreneurs to grow in the right direction.

  • Content: When it comes to digitalization, content is the king it can break or make the business thus it is very important to provide value-driven content. People have access to a plethora of information online and the biggest problem is that not only pharmaceutical companies are providing information related to health and treatment but many other websites are also providing such content, thus it is really important to stand out in such competition and provide content which is required and has value. Providing value-driven and insightful content is the way to grow as a family, also giving pharma-based and factual insights to the problems of patients helps in building trust and confidence of people involved with you. A brand like Johnsons & Johnsons is the perfect example of the fact that how content can help you to retain your existing customers while targeting new ones. Their online marketing campaigns are just outstanding and are inspiring enough to attract the attention of people globally. During the online pharmacy web development process, the developer must focus on the mix of blogs, campaigns, social media interactions, visual aids, and personal messages to existing clients. Provide share-worthy content so that your existing clients can become your brand ambassadors in terms of promoting and resharing your content further to their social and official groups.
  • Using blockchain technology: Trust and transparency are two key elements for any online business, and if you are into the pharma business then online pharmacy app developers in India must focus on technology that offers a direct line of communication. Being open and trustworthy is not an option in the healthcare industry but a compulsion that everyone must follow without giving it a second thought. In such a scenario implementing, something like blockchain technology can help to boost this communication channel and to block any third-party interference between the consumer and the provider. This can help to improve business relationships, however, having said that the potential of technologies like these are still to be explored fully but still it can be a part of strategy during the medicine delivery app development process. Also, it is recommended to keep yourself updated about the developments in blockchain technology as it is still very new, and everyday developments and advancements are happening in the same.
  • Using apps powered by AI and messaging apps:  Across the globe, developers have been using artificial intelligence and messaging-driven apps to increase connectivity and to mend the communication gap between customers and providers. Facebook messengers, WhatsApp messengers, and normal text messages is a great way to engage customers. This way of engaging and communicating with customers is a great way to hold conversations and to keep a record of the same for future references.  Many international brands like Johnsons & johnsons use the chatbox to communicate the strategies and new plans with the customers. Looking at the success rate of such chatboxes, it is expected that many more companies will include the same as a part of their strategy to reach their customers. Artificial intelligence also plays an important part to use these chatboxes as the developers set automatic replies with the help of AI so that customers get prompt replies without any delay. This helps in improvising the company’s efficiency and building rapport with the customer. Also, these chatboxes and AI are versatile, and playing with the same as per the customer’s requirement is very easy.  AI is one of the main reasons behind the high EMedstore app prices as they use AI the most to provide their customers best of the solutions.
  • Influencers: In this era of social media, influencers play a very important role in promoting any app. Almost 70 to 75% of millennials get influenced by the recommendations of these influencers. Therefore, it is much likely that even pharma industries work with some influencers from the health care industry, one can also work with country leaders to promote their brands as people listen to them and get influenced by their choice of brands. Also, make sure to make a long-term relationship with these influencers as having someone for the long term has a great influence on the target audience.
  • Virtual reality: Virtual reality software is growing at a much faster speed, by 2022 it is expected that it will grow by approximately 16 billion dollars. In this digital world augmented and virtual reality has become part of our daily lives, we as a layman don’t get to understand how these software influence our lives but they do. However, in the pharma industry, VR and AR are still at the nascent stage, but still, the tactics using the same are emerging as winners contributing a lot to the progress of online pharmacy web development. As they say, people buy what they see thus providing virtual clinics and product demonstrations is a great way to engage customers on your app. Through the VR concept, many pharma companies also try to empathize with the medical problems of people by providing them experiences of different people and patients who have earlier taken help from these apps. Also, VR and AR can let people know about the problems people are facing after analyzing the symptoms they are suffering from. Such technologies have helped people to have the experience of visiting a real clinic while sitting at home. Thus, using such technology can prove to be fruitful for your healthcare app.

Most of the online pharmacy app developers in India are already using these technologies while designing pharma apps for the entrepreneurs but still being the mind behind the idea you must be aware of the strategies that can help your online pharma business to flourish and grow in the right direction.

Using all of these strategies can help your business to sustain itself in the ongoing competition. Not only these approaches will help you improve business fundamentals but they will also help you to offer impeccable customer service and in a business-like pharma providing such transparent and trustworthy services to the customer is the only way to achieve success.

Kinjal Savaliya

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