Do you have a pharmacy? Are you seeking the best pharmacy management software? If yes, then you are reading the right piece of content. The article tosses around the top 10 pharmacy software that helps chemists to effectively offer medicines to their customers. 

10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

Improved pharmacy solutions have been established to look after patients and connect those patients with physicians and pharmacists the right way. Pharmacist owners sometimes enquire about features such as document management, accounts receivables, electronic signature, processing & invoicing, prescription processing, home visit pharmacy, reporting & analysis, patient & inventory management. 

We’ve researched below listed best software for pharmacy so that pharmacists like you can evaluate the given tools and pick the perfect one.  But, before let’s see what is pharmacy software and what all functionalities it has to offer to pharmacists. 

What is Pharmacy Software?

A pharmacy system is software that makes it easier for you to get access to drug data and also offers a more personalized customer experience. Besides, pharmacy software automates things associated with the business of operating a medical store. This may embrace customer outreach, inventory management, e-signature, retail management, POS (point-of-sale), and more. 

Pharmacy software embraces industry-specific abilities such as offering supervision to chemists or insurance verification. 

This may embrace replacement medications, high-risk patient evaluation, dosage guidance, and patient care. This solution can be integrated with EHR & medical practice pharmacy software to promote patient care. 

Features and Capabilities of the Best Pharmacy Software are:

To integrate operations top pharmacy management systems provides the listed below functionalities:

● Medical knowledge management

● Inventory controls & management 

● SMS notification & patient communication

● Medical adherence checking

● Pre-check of prescriptions & medicine disbursement workflows

● Extensive document management 

● Barcode processing, shipping, fulfillment & verification

● Mail parcels prescription management

● Centralized patient data

● POS & billing management 

● Revenue cycle management 

● Synchronization of patient information between physician & pharmacy

● Processing of claims & conciliation 

Pricing of Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy software is very modular & hence price grows with various desired modules and add-ons. Price also enhances along with the size of the pharmaceutical institution (community vs. multi-size pharmacy).

Advantages of a Pharmacy Software Management System:

While a few people might consider pharmacy software management systems as a waste of money, the reality is it can make a huge difference in your business with multiple benefits it has to offer. Be it outstanding customer service or user-friendly access, top-class pharmacy business management, or keeping track of business performance, pharmacy software has got it all.

All you need is to spend the right amount of time evaluating the software according to your needs and then pick the right one for yourself. 

Customer Service

Pharmacy software is renowned for offering top-class services to customers. The best pharmacy billing software allows customers to share their medical prescriptions with the chemist. A chemist can effortlessly dispense a prescribed medicine to the customer. Pharmacy software provides competitive pricing & invoicing options. It allows pharmacists to accept payments via multiple methods & generates a multi-customer invoice once in for all. 


A pharmacy system is a cloud-based platform that is reachable from all locations. You can make use of any computing device or operating system to access it, therefore allowing everyone from pharmacists, professionals to patients to see data. 


Pharmacy software makes sure a unified workflow. It embraces functionalities like POS, e-prescribing, automated invoicing, billing, and image processing. And, all this makes it effective for medical associates as well as customers. 

Business Management 

Need a well-arranged management structure for handling your pharmacy requirements? Well, you need top pharmacy software. The chemists can stay informed through notifications related to unsolved tasks. The pharmacy software takes care of everything from regulatory rules to inventory handling and more. 

Retail Operations

A pharmacy software looks after all of your business operations effortlessly and productively. It embraces everything from expiration alerts well ahead of time, processing sales to tracking purchases. Pharmacy software also enables for bank reconciliation and GST compliance. It makes online banking, as well as GST, return very easy and crisp. 

Evaluating Performance

The tools help in offering important insights into the pharmacy operation. Comprehensive reports offer improved performance preview for the pharmacist. Tailored report generation provides access to the previous as well as the present outcomes. It can be achieved by fusing intelligence features. 

Having discussed that, let’s quickly look into the top 10 pharmacy software for your business:

10 Best Pharmacy Billing Softwares Of All Time

Here are the top 10 pharmacy software for you:

Sanela HMS

Sanela HMS- 10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

Sanela HMS aims to deliver excellence in the domain of health. The pharmacy software revolutionizes the way clinical data is picked up and utilized to enhance the care of patients, their security, and service delivery.

Sanela HMS is known for designing, building, and deploying tech solutions with a team of healthcare experts and skilled information technicians. Whether it is infrastructure management, implementation support, or business transformation management, this top pharmacy management software brings everything under one roof. 


BestRx- 10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

The pharmacy software is a fully-fledged digital pharmacy store that can change the way your retail or independent pharmacy store performs business. BestRx store enables you to handle profiles of patients, processing & invoicing, accounts receivables, inventory, and workflow. The software products also consist of several solid reporting elements, so you can productively handle all features of your pharmacist from one single system.

PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System

PDX Enterprise Pharmacy System- 10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

PDX Enterprise is one of the best software for pharmacy as it is utilized by 1000s of chemists, embracing independents, mail order provisions, regional & national chains, centralized fill locations, pharmacies, and specialty chemist shops catering to out-patient as well as long-term care provisions. 

EPS provides versatility when it comes to deployment via virtualized, distributed, or cloud environments to fulfill your infrastructure requirements. EPS is quick, secure, and innate allowing you to fulfill the expectations of your patient. 

● Enhances efficiency and processes

● Improves precision and safety of patients

● Promotes high-quality patient care & convenience 

● Enables for impending growth & enhanced prescription volume

● Enhances compliance and persistence with AutoMail and AutoFill

Brightree Pharmacy

Brightree Pharmacy- 10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

Well, when you have the right software and systems for your pharmacy, it translates into patient care as well as your bottom line. Brightree’s broad suite of pharmacy services unifies HME & pharmacy into a single patient record, picking up new patient referrals, eligibility verifications, prescriptions, and more electronically. 

Brightree is a one-stop-shop for all your home-infusion patient care needs and HME supplies like diabetic supplies, respiratory medications, and enteral formulas. So, all your specific pharmacy needs are easily fulfilled through this software. 


Fattmerchant- 10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

Fattmerchant cloud-based retail solution, Fattmerchant is apt for enterprises of all sizes domains like healthcare, retail, and e-commerce. The main functionalists of this software are mobile processing, online invoicing, POS (point of sale integration), developer API, and virtual terminals. 

The software enables pharmacies to embrace swiped, tapped, dipped, and key-in payments. Pharmacies can install various tipping options & customize receipts with an organization logo. 

Being one of the best pharmacy software, it enables retailers to send 1-time bills, build bill schedules, and redirect consumers to a payment host page. Payment methods & banking information can be saved to allow repetitive payments. A tailored payment flow can be built with added integrations like QuickBooks Online.

LS Retail

LS Retail- 10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

One of the best pharmacy management software, LS Retail embraces POS i.e. point of sale and ERP i.e. enterprise resource planning. The main functionalities embrace customer management, inventory management, e-commerce, retail accounting, mobile support, and warehouse management. 

LS Retail is apt for a range of retail hubs like pharmacies, groceries, apparel, electronics, gas stations, pet stores, convenience stores, and restaurants. 

Retailers can easily track everything from sales, productivity, stock, and live sales on different channels like e-commerce platforms, physical locations, and mobile applications. 

The point of sale i.e. POS terminals makes use of the keyboard as well as touch screen tools. The mobile POS element enables users to keep a record of inventory, check on pricing data, and see all the shopping details of customers in one place. 


NetSuite- 10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

A cloud-based retail software, NetSuite is a multi-channel tool and is a blessing in disguise for businesses that involve POS, e-commerce, and other kinds of order management features. The tool offers a consolidated retail management system along with efficient back-office management to sell tools on multiple platforms across multiple countries and regions. The app comprehends the intricacies of a retail management structure, the software & hardware needs, and enables businesses to aim for customers. 

One of the best pharmacy billing software, NetSuite helps you configure the app as per your requirements. Pharmacists can add the latest channels, business models, geographies, and brands too. The system offers live insights into aspects like sales, inventory, customer behavior, and financials. 

Stripe Software

Stripe Software- 10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

Stripe cloud-based system, Stripe Software provides a diversified set of consolidated APIs & tools that allows businesses to handle & accept payments via the web. 

The software manages main payment functionalities like storing cards, subscriptions, and direct payments to user accounts. It also provides features for web and mobile payments that are specifically made for developers. Stripe allows enterprises to also accept international credit cards, debit cards, and multiple currencies.  

Other main aspects embrace bill paying, PCI compliance, full-stack bill payments, instant payment receiving, transaction fees collection, shared customers, etc. Stripe does not charge any card adding fees, setup fees, validation fees, refund fees, or monthly fees. 

Square for Retail Software

Square- 10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

A cloud-based POS (point of sale) & retail solution, Square for Retail is a fitting solution for pharmacies. It’s one of the best software for pharmacy and embraces main functionalities like customer relationship management, inventory management, employee management, and reporting as well. The system shows up with pre-built payment processing systems and integration with all hardware from Square. 

The software allows pharmacies to track, change, or transfer the inventory across all different locations. The system provides automatic notifications for low inventory stock so that users know when they need to build & dispatch purchase orders to their vendors. Medicines can be searched with keywords or even through scanning barcodes. 

It can instantly build customer profiles with all card transactions and can track customer data and buying records. 

Apple Pay

Apple Pay- 10 Best Pharmacy Software For Improved Medical Practices

Apple Pay provides a safe & private way so that you can pay for services and goods through iOS apps. Apple Pay users can offer all kinds of payment & shipping data with one click using Touch ID. 

Rather than utilizing cards or cash at checkout, the pharmacy software allows users to use their iPhones over NFC i.e. near field communication points to ensure safe payments rather than using cards or cards during checkout. The software is an NFC-payment software that often comes with an anonymous & one-use token system that fully-secures credit card information. 

The software utilizes 3rd party applications for handling various things at pharmacies. The system is apt not only for small but for medium-sized pharmacies as well.  

FAQs Related to Pharmacy Software:

Why do Owners with Multiple Pharmacies Prefer Using Pharmacy Software?

It is very tiresome and complicated to manage multiple teams when you are a multi-store pharmacy owner. From streamlining workflows, processing necessary paperwork to managing inventory levels, pharmacy software does all. The best pharmacy software makes its daily operations smooth and flawless. 

What are the Things You Should Consider While Selecting Best Pharmacy Software?

Few of the things that are very important for a pharmacy include:

● POS i.e. Point of Sale

● Inventory Management

● Barcode Generation & Scanning

● Prescription Processing

● Reporting 

● Rx Image Scanning

What are the Qualities of a Top Pharmacy Management Software?

Just ensure that your pharmacy software has the below-listed qualities when you are about to pick one:

● Transparent workflows

● Highly efficient & intuitive 

● Allows you to be paperless

● Allows effective communication

● Affordable and cost-effective

I Need Some Additional Functionalities. Can I Get Those Functionalities Customized in the Pharmacy Software?

The majority of the pharmacy software present enables you to tailor the products as per your pharmacy requirements. However again, this is based on your software offer. So, please confirm & select the provider that allows you to tailor the system. 

What Usually is the Cost of Pharmacy Software?

Based on the requirements of your chemist shop, the pharmacy system you select to use will always vary. Therefore, the price of pharmacy software will always differ. Basic software packs can cost you from a few hundred US dollars to thousands of US dollars. 

So, what are you waiting for? Select the one that best suits your pharmacy business and send your customers a fully satisfied smile all the time. And, not to forget the boosted bottom line that your pharmacy business could generate with the best pharmacy management software.

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