Do you want to keep in touch with your visitors? Do you want your visitors to get an email notification whenever you update something new? Creating a newsletter is one of the best ways to grow your business and boost your engagement to a great level. It might be a challenging task to understand how to build and grow your email list! 

5 Best Newsletter Plugins For WordPress

Developing a list of email subscribers is one of the most critical functions for any blogger or website owner to lay their focus on. We all know that many people won’t even return to your website without an extra notification or an extra push. Do you know that about 50 to 80% of people do not return without this extra effort? 

You need to have an automatic service to help you out in this process. This makes email marketing services a vital tool.

We all know that sending emails and newsletters with our host can be such a time taking and tedious process! You need a faster delivery of email for your website! 

Nowadays, with the growing social media and digital media marketing services, there are so many options for you to choose from, making your process of selecting the right plugin option difficult. Here are the best newsletter plugins to choose from that will help you build and grow your email list quickly.

1. Constant Contact

Constant Contact- 5 Best Newsletter Plugins For WordPress

Constant Contact is a newsletter plugin service that helps you build and grow your email list quickly and boost your engagement. It is a fantastic email marketing service that is fully featured and lets you create emails using templates. It offers you a good variety of templates to create highly engaging and attractive content. 

You can also integrate it with different E-Commerce platforms, which makes it so beneficial for the users.

It offers you a free trial period, too, so that you can explore it and get started with this email marketing service. This free trial helps you understand your requirement and choose the plugin according to your experience. It provides you with the tremendous support of email, chat, and lives phone, making it a fantastic tool.

It’s time not to worry about your emails being sent, and you can rely on this platform for sending emails to your subscribers.

If you are worried about the pricing, you should not because it’s entirely free to integrate Constant Contact with WordPress. But of course, you will require the need to use its email marketing services, which costs a minimum of $20 for a month after its 60 days free trial period is over. Also, there are usually coupon codes available that you can use to get additional discounts of up to 20%.

2. Optin Monster

Optin Monster- 5 Best Newsletter Plugins For WordPress

Another helpful plugin, which is useful for your email marketing services, is the Optin monster. The option monster helps you to grow your email list and get increased sales. It is one of the most efficient optimization tool kits which allows you to turn traffic into subscribers and bring leads and sales. 

It will help you create a visually stunning offer using templates, and you can even start with a blank canvas and create engaging content according to your choice. You can create beautiful forms, email subscription forms, and announcement bars, etc. This helps you attract your visitors and fill in their contact details. It is also a fantastic popup builder.

We all know that it is easy to grab the user’s attention when they see popup messages. Popup messages keep your viewers engaged for a long time and give the right user the right information they require. Pop-up messages need to strike at the right time. Also, it has a super easy interface to create your pop-up messages within minutes. You can create custom popups, newsletter opt-in forms, and even slide-inns popups.

Are you scared about people just abandoning your content and running away? 

Optin Monster has an effective popup technique to target a popup message as soon as the visitors are about to leave. These popup messages have been useful in keeping up your visitors’ engagement and sooner turning them into potential subscribers who subscribe to you. 

The only problem with the options monster is that it does not provide an actual mailing list software. Also, there is no free version of this plugin available, so you need to purchase it anyhow. Optin Monster is available to you for $9/ month, along with an option to upgrade to get much better and powerful features and tools.

3. SendinBlue

SendinBlue- 5 Best Newsletter Plugins For WordPress

Sendinblue is also a highly recommended email Marketing service, which is also provided with a free plan. It has a simple, user-friendly interface that can be used to send emails through your website. It helps you build forms in just a few minutes, and you can also sync them with your Sendinblue list. 

You can also set up double opt-in and automated welcome sequences to boost up your engagement. It also gives you an option to design and send beautiful newsletters to your visitors and subscribers. You can also integrate your Sendinblue subscription forms in your post pages or even as a widget or shortcode.  

They provide you to customize your success and even your error messages very quickly. You can also use its custom drag and drop builder features to create some excellent content that can keep your audience engaged for a long time, helping you boost engagement and get the right traffic.

They have a fantastic pricing policy because they only charge based upon those emails that you send. It helps you to do contact segmentation very quickly, along with marketing automation.

Do you know that you can send up to 300 emails for free per day! This is something unique a plugin can offer to you. This is the reason why Sendinblue is a part of the list of best plugins in the market.

The problem with this particular plugin is that it does not provide you with the templates the way other sites have been providing in the context of its design features. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to copy your contact list for mailing if you have already created one on another platform.

4. Mail Poet

Mailpoet- 5 Best Newsletter Plugins For WordPress

Another fantastic plugin is a mail poet, a super easy, user-friendly interface with a quick process to get started with. It is effortless to set up and install Mailpoet. It easily integrates with WordPress and works smoothly with your Woo-commerce online store by increasing your sales with emails and provide you with a free email customizer.

 It gives you an option to schedule your newsletters and send them Straight in just a few minutes. This will make your process of sending new post notifications automatic. It makes it so easy for you to create beautiful and responsive templates that keep up your engagement and further boost it.

If you are a small site owner with a list of about a thousand subscribers or less than a thousand, you can avail of this premium service for free. Don’t you think this is a fantastic offer if you are a small site owner?

When we have a considerable number of people clicking our links, we have The curiosity to know which subscriber opened it and which link got the most clicks! Try the premium version for this fantastic feature to relax your curiosity calls. Not only this but also it provides you with same-day support from Monday to Friday.

 It provides you with the fastest delivery infrastructures to send your messages without worrying about the speed. It can send up to 50000 emails per hour. You reach inboxes and not those spam boxes. If you are wearing your emails getting signed with SPF and DKIM, you need not worry because the process is automatic.

Mailpoet is entirely free, but if you want to use its premium and sending services, this platform is chargeable after having a thousand subscribers, as mentioned above.

The only problem with mail poets is that they do not have many templates, and you shall have to do a little more hard work in making your emails attractive and highly engaging. Also, compared to other emailing services, mail poet has a slightly less limited role provided to its analytics feature.

5. Bloom

Bloom- 5 Best Newsletter Plugins For WordPress

Another popular plugin is a bloom from the elegant themes team. The process to use it is very straightforward. Unlike other services, you need not copy-paste the raw HTML for the forms after generating them. 

It makes it easy for you to display email signup forms on your website. When visitors add their email information or contact details to your document, they automatically get added to your email marketing service. 

This is such a helpful tool to build your email subscribers list and send them notifications as soon as you update something new. This helps you to increase your engagement and indeed brings in an extra push to your website. It is also essential to crack the right timing to promote your products and services in front of your audience, with some added attraction.

Bloom provides you with unique features that make it competitive as compared to other email marketing services. It offers you an enormous amount of templates that you can customize by providing you with a lot of design tools and options. 

You can also even set up your pop-up and flying-in forms using the on-click trigger option. And not just set it up; you can even customize it by selecting animations.

It offers you a lot of email Marketing service options to integrate with. You can also incorporate bloom with many different accounts simultaneously, which helps you subscribe to visitors to other lists that you have been maintaining.

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