With the evolution of modern technology, not just the man-machine relationships have changed but as well as it has affected interpersonal relationships. Do you remember that last time when you have written a letter to your loved one? No, everything has changed over the years, the communication mode has also changed and now, finding someone special and making a connection has become easier than ever. It has become possible because of the available dating applications.

With each passing day, the dating application audience is increasing because more and more people finding it easier and convenient to find someone special online. Apart from that, they get millions of options to choose from. Considering the popularity of dating applications, if you are also considering developing an application then the first question that you will have in your mind is how much it costs to make a dating application like tinder. Right?

So, How Much Does It Cost to Make a Dating Application Like Tinder?

Though generally, the cost of making a dating application depends on the complexity and the features of the application when it comes to making a dating application like Tinder, expect to invest a huge amount. Though applications like tinder seem very simple but do you know it includes a very complex structure of development therefore the cost of development of such an application is higher. 

Let Us First Discuss How To Monetize Dating Applications? 

If you want to develop a dating website for a single platform that has upgraded features like social media integration, geo-location mapping, payment processing for advanced versions, social media integration and much more. In such an application, around 600 to 700 development hours are needed so you need to pay a huge amount to hire developers to develop such a dating application. 

The cost also depends on the backend support given by the developers. If you want an application that responds faster then, of course, a sophisticated backend mechanism is there which is complex to generate. Do you know to add such a mechanism around 200 to 300 hours are required to spend by the development team?  

The designing process of the website is also a crucial part that requires a lot of time for developers. The type of design you want also decides the time spend by the developers on it. Generally, developers or designers have to spend 100 hours designing a dating application which includes both the wire framing and prototyping. The dating app framework also plays a crucial role in deciding the required time by the developers. 

The testing and QA process will take around 100 hours. So, according to the number of hours required the cost of the development of a dating application varies. Most commonly, to build tinder clone, you should be ready to pay $100K. 

Most of the people want to build tinder clone is because of the success rate of the tinder dating application. And it is the algorithm of the application that makes this application highly successful. 

Do Dating Applications Make Money? 

Of course, dating application makes money, several ways helps in making money through a dating application.

a.) Subscriptions 

To subscribe to a dating application, the user has to pay a subscription fee. Usually, subscription fees are monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or on an annual basis. It means the users have to pay a subscription fee for a specific period. 

b.) Advertisement 

As you know there are advertisements in dating applications, these advertisements are used to make money by dating applications. The owner of the application gets money by selling space for advertisements of third party companies. Even sometimes, the third party has to pay based on the clicks done by the users through the application. 

c.) In-app purchases

There are a lot of features that can be purchased by the users to enhance the app user experience. The users have to pay a certain amount to buy in-app features such as currency, icons and other upgraded features of the application. 

d.) Premium plans 

To unlock additional features of a dating application, a premium amount needs to be paid by the user. Just like in other applications, when you want to become a premium member, it is required to pay an amount. Once you become a premium member of the application, you can access the enhanced and attractive features of the applications. 

By Adding Some Additional Features To The Application, Revenue Can Be Generated Through a Dating Application. Have a Look at These Features: 

Access Restriction

Access restriction is a kind of features that attract users to become a premium member of the application by paying a certain amount. One of the best examples of this is the Tinder application.

Enhanced Features

One of the another additional feature that helps in making money through application is by adding some features to application that a user can use by paying a certain amount of fee.

These are the several ways that help make money through a dating application.  

Is It Hard To Make a Dating Application? 

Of course, before you finalize the decision whether you should develop dating application or not, it is important to know whether it is hard to make a dating application or not, first of all, you have to do dating app analysis well so you can make the right decision that will not end up with regretting anything. 

Of course, making a dating application is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of investment and day-night efforts in finding the right developing team and to collaborate with the developing team to come up with the best that can attract users towards this dating application. The competition level in the market of dating applications is very high because of thousands of available dating applications. But at the same time, with the increasing number of users towards it make a sigh of relief that you can also get success in the dating business. 

In the end, yes, it is hard to develop a dating application but if you do dating app analysis in a good manner and have a proper plan in your mind then developing a dating app might be the right decision for you. 

Kinjal Savaliya

Kinjal Savaliya is Business Development Executive USS LLC. At USS LLC we developed the best mobile app development solution for Dating App, Grocery Delivery App, Healthcare App, Laundry & Dry Cleaning App, Pharmacy App, Taxi Booking App.