So, how did you meet with your partner? Yes, when you are in a relationship, you will be asked this question from your siblings, parents, neighbors, friends or someone else that how you both met, right? And nowadays, the answer by most people is the same and that is “through dating apps”. All age people belong to (18-44) age group, nearly a quarter of the total population of the world have their profile on dating apps.

Today, there are millions of people on thousands of available dating apps. No matter whether one is looking for a serious relationship, hookup, date, relationship, or marriage, a dating application is always the best way to get the desired relation. As you can see, with each passing day, the craze of dating apps is increasing which makes online dating highly successful. Have a look at the success rates of these dating sites

Must Know Dating Application Statistics 

According to a survey that has been conducted on 1,143 women, most of the women want to have a serious relationship in their life and they think that it is difficult to find great single men. 

According to the survey, 27% of the total women think that online dating sites are the best way to meet new people but many women are still unsure about the success of finding the right one through a dating application. 

According to a fact, six in ten online daters and around 57% of total online daters have a very good positive experience with the dating applications. Do you know, these days, present 20% of the total relationships and hookups began online? 17% of the total marriages start online. So, now, you can consider the success rate of the present dating apps

Which Dating Application has the Highest Success Rate?

Though there are a lot of best dating apps for relationshipsare available with great success rates but Tinder dating app is considered as one of the highest success rated applications. As successful as, it is creating long term relationships and even marriages have been taken place via this application. It is the application that has been changing the entire configuration of the dating to marriages instead of just hookups and all. It is an application that matches users based on their geographic proximity. There are certain features in this application that makes it one of the most successful dating application present out there.  

Check Out the Dating App Statistics:

  • Tinder is now used in 190 countries and it is also available in 40 languages around the world. 
  • By late 2014, Tinder was processing 1 billion swipes every day and now it has around 1.7 billion swipes each day. Now, you can get to know the success rate of the application. 
  • Around 57 million tinder users are present are around the world. 
  • In a week, around 1 million of Tinder users go on a date. 
  • Around $444 million of revenue has been generated by Tinder application in 2018. 
  • More than 20 billion matches have been made after the launch of the Tinder application. 

It is predicted that this dating application will get huge success in the future and it is because of the reason that the application keeps on upgrading its features and add new features with time. This is the reason behind the huge success of the dating application. 

How Many Dating Applications are there?

Online dating applications are the best way to meet your potential partner. Do you know there are around 1500 dating applications are available out there? but because of a lot of available dating applications, users sometimes find themselves lost on which is the best one out of a lot of dating applications. But only a few are used by most of the people, some of these are OkCupidtinder, match and so on. These applications can simplify and speed up the process of finding potential partners by chatting and dating. 

There was once a time when it was considered strange to go on a date with someone whom you find online but now it has become common with the available best dating apps for relationships. Today, millions of people have accepted the online dating industry widely. 

According to statistics, 12% of the people who want a relationship and falls in the age group of 18 to 29 years find their partner of life online and that has become possible only with the help of the dating applications. With each passing day, the count of users on dating apps is increasing. The fact of the success rates of dating applications like Tinder, bumble dating apps has proved this. 


While it is considered that most of the people who fall in the age group of 18 to 44 find it attractive but do you know even people with the 50s and 60s are also quite active on dating applications and around 6% to 12% of the total were fall in this age group. So, from now you can estimate the popularity of the dating applications.   

The Cost of Making a Dating Application!!! 

The cost of developing a dating application depends on several factors like the developer you choose and the features you want. With an approximate technology stack, dating application design principle and analyzing the market trend, one can easily beat applications with the highest success rate like tinder. But at the same time, you should keep your expectations in reality. 

The truth is that you should have a serious budget in your hand when you want to generate a dating application like Tinder because it requires a complex technological solution that can’t be done by regular application developers. The cost of developing an application relies on the hourly rates of the developers. While you can also hire freelancers to develop the application, on average the cost of making a dating application lies around $50,000 and this cost can be higher or lower depending on your efforts of finding the right developers.  


These dating app statistics are eye-opening that will let you know the success rate of the dating applications. According to the state, we can see that the popularity of dating applications is increasing with each passing day. From simple hookup to a serious relationship, people are finding what they want through the help of the dating applications.  

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